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Wild Ewe Safaris is a social enterprise company. Social enterprises are companies that are changing the world of business for the better. They are businesses just like any other; they exist to make a profit. But it's what happens to that profit that sets social enterprises apart. Instead of the business profit going to owners or shareholders, it goes to furthering the mission and objectives of the social enterprise.

At Wild Ewe Safaris, our mission is to educate and inspire people to love and protect the natural world around them and to help to conserve the nature of Wester Ross.

We charge a reasonable rate for our safaris for adults, but we don't charge for children under 16. The money we take for safaris goes to running the company (paying our guides, insurance, advertising etc), and then our profits are donated to local conservation projects. We are only a tiny company but we like to think that we are helping nature in our own small way, by providing local employment, educating visitors, and donating our profits to local conservation causes.

In 2021, our first year of operation, we made a donation to the Woodland Trust at Glenn Shieldaig Estate. In 2022, our donation went to the Wester Ross Fisheries Trust, and in 2023 to the RSPB.


From 2024 onwards, all profits will be donated to our local rewilding project at the head of Loch Ewe, Rewilding Bac Dubh.


Tracy McLachlan

Hello, I'm Tracy, and I'm the founder of Wild Ewe Safaris. Originally from Dorset, I've lived in an old croft house in Poolewe, by the shores of Loch Ewe in Wester Ross, for over 20 years.

Nature and wildlife have been my lifelong passion. Now I am lucky enough to have been able to turn that passion into a business. As they say - find a job you love and you'll never work again!


Here I am leading one of my safaris, enthralled by the beautiful melody of a song thrush in the Srondubh woodlands, at the head of Loch Ewe.

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